This section features a variety of teaching and preaching venues where Dr. Ed Bez shared from the Scriptures. His topics vary from the practical application of the Scriptures to heavier theological considerations of contemporary issues. 

Sermon:God meets all our needs

Sunday, January 17, 2016 - preached at The Church at Covington, Oxford, GA 

Short presentation at the Pinecrest Bible Training Center's 2013 Reunion in  Easton, PA. 

The theme:  How the Sovereign God provides His people with  a sense of security (belongingness) and adventure (excitement) but often in ways and means we did not anticipate.


During the month of February and March 2013 Dr. Bez assumed the preaching responsibilities at The Church at Covington, Oxford, Georgia. His good friend and ministry colleague, Pastor David K. Payne, was on a short-term sabbatical rest. These are the sermons he preached during that time.