Focus on the Bible Ministries Welcomes You to our Community of Learners!

About the Ministry

Pop culture seems to be infiltrating the church more than the church is influencing that same culture. There is a transformation (of sorts) taking place but the question is who is influencing whom?

We are convinced that the church-at-large needs help in experiencing and expressing the realities of a lifestyle transformation which honors and reflects Jesus,

We have determined after years of study and interaction within the church, as well as, outside the church in the broader cultural context; ideologically/philosophically/and eschatologically, that, part of the problem is... IGNORANCE!

1.) Of the content and context of the Bible); 

2.) Of a sound theological framework for a sound & vibrant Christian life;and finally

 3.) Of the history of the church from Pentecost to the 21st century. 

Focus on the Bible is:

 An Apostolic / Prophetic teaching ministry supporting and under girding the efforts of pastors, elders, leadership teams as they disciple their members towards;  our family history.
  • superior biblical literacy,
  •  in-depth understand of the currents and cross-currents in "these days",
  • a keen sense of our family history.

What We Offer

45 years of pastoral, Christian educational,counseling, and mentoring experience! 

Biblical and exegetical sermons and teachings on a variety of biblical themes, characters, books and topics. 

Dynamic tools and techniques to teach people how to read, study, and apply biblical content to their everyday lives.

A desire to leave the House of God (wherever she might be located) in a better spiritual, biblical and practical place than before we ministered.

A Heart for all the leadership in the church and calling to help 'lift their load' even for a season or a moment.

Training conferences, seminars, online classes, and practical application workshops which strengthens the biblical and Christian literacy levels of those within the church congregation, fellowship or home group.

An active, high-content, and resource-rich website which links serious students of the Bible to it's ancient Middle Eastern context and content.