Focus on the Bible is happy to recommend the follow churches, ministries, fellowships. home churches, messianic congregations, and schools. That being said, we cannot confirm all recommended ministries have everything theologically copacetic. All true ministries will acknowledge the same with a humble, open and teachable spirit.  


Open Door Chapel

3177 Virginia Beach Boulevard
Virginia Beach,  VA 23452



Pastor Evelyn Puckett 

Interdenominational Church that embraces the spirit filled life.





Rock Church International

  1. Address: 640 Kempsville Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Co-founder and Bishop, Anne Gimenez 

Co-Senior Pastors, John and Robin Blanchard

Messianic Congregations 

Ministries/Para Church outreaches 

Bible Institutes, Schools, Colleges and Seminaries 

Urban Seminary of Atlanta

USA offers a Masters in Urban Ministry (at no cost) for persons involved in working with the underprivileged.  USA was founded in 2002 for urban youth workers desiring a theological education but not fitting the profile of a conventional seminary student.  USA students have a strong interest in improving their understanding of Biblical Truth in order to better serve their communities.

For more information and application packet click HERE.

Dr. Bez is the middle guy top row.