The Roman Empire


What did ancient Rome look like. Watch this remarkable video to witness a grand city, perhaps the largest in population until medieval London. 

An awesome detailed digital map of the entire Roman Empire. 

Now, you can zoom around this huge, detailed map of the ancient world labeled with cities from all sorts of archaeological records, classical text references and European imagery.

Invaluable resource for students of the Bible and ancient history. 

The Greek Empire 

The Old Testament closes with the Medo-Persian Empire still the "top dog"  among the nations seeking world domination; this is roughly circa 445 BC. 

However, in  331 BC Alexander the Great crushed the Persian armies and begins a blitzkrieg across Asia Minor, the Middle East, and as far east as the Indus river.

Dying prematurely in Babylon, in 323 BC, Alexander's territories are divided among his surviving generals. Two generals would eventually dominate the lion share;  Ptolemy and Seleucid. These two powerful generals establish empires that would place Palestine and the Jewish people in precarious geo-political situation. The story of the Hellenization of the known world is the stuff that transpires "between the Testaments".